10 Things about the Old Navy Credit Card [Must Know Facts]

Old Navy Credit Card is an American company that retails clothing and accessories. It is owned by Gap Inc., another American multinational company. The largest outlets of Old Navy is situated in New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, Mexico City, and Seattle.

The Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy being one of America’s leading clothing retailers, gives its customers the option and facility of owning their store cashback credit cards. Using the Old Navy credit card or the Old Navy Visa card, you are able to earn reward points. The items you purchase at any Old Navy outlet and later redeem them at any Gap outlet.

The following list gives you ten facts and information about the Old Navy Credit Card, which you are unaware of. 

How to Apply for an Old Navy Credit Card Online

Old Navy has a simplified way of getting you your store credit card, unlike yesteryear you do not have to wait in the queue to get yourself a card. You can simply apply for them online through their website. The subsequent steps will provide you a clear idea of how you can apply for an Old Navy card online from home.

  • On the Synchrony Financial website, fill up the application form for your retail credit card with your credentials like personal details, Security number, etc.
  • Click on continue and choose what type of statement you want. If you choose a paperless statement, then you will be credited with 500 extra points.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions on the site and click submit. 

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Your card’s status will be informed to you within ten days of submitting your application. 

Minimum Requirement of Credit Score

The credit score required for the Old Navy card is a fair deal compared to other retail credit cards. The minimum credit score required is 600 to have a clear and smooth chance of approval of your Old Navy card.

Minimum Age Requirement

The minimum age required to get your credit card approved is 18 years. Old Navy gives its store credit card to those who have a secure income or a legit guarantee, and their starting age requirement is 18 years and above.

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Residential Requirements

The person applying for an Old Navy card should be a resident of the USA. They should have a permanent address in any state of the US and have an American tax payer’s identification number. 

Rewards and Cashback

With the Old Navy Credit card, you will 5x point on each dollar which you spend at any Old Navy outlet, Gap outlet or online websites.

You will get a bonus of $5 on accumulating 500 reward points. 

Introductory Offer

For the new members of the Old Navy Credit card family, Welcome offer which is very beneficial for shopaholics. On your first purchase with your Old Navy card, you will get a 20% discount on the item you purchased.

Rewards for Going Online

Old Navy offers rewards for going cashless as well. Amongst the many other facilities, Old Navy has a scheme of giving you a bonus reward of $10 if you submit your e-mail address and make online purchases from their websites. This is one of the most eco-friendly benefits any customer can ask for, as you are going paperless and even getting rewards for that.

Exclusive Offers for Cardholders

On getting the Credit card, you will get updates before the start of any sale at any Old Navy or Gap Inc. Old Navy cardholders also get exclusive offers on selected merch and items from the Gap inc. Brand. 

The Navyist Status 

The Old Navy credit card offers the Navyist status to those cardholders who have collected over 5000 reward points in one year. This Navyist status gives you a 20% extra reward in each quarter. Other facilities of this card include free shipping if you order anything from their online stores. Free alterations to the clothing you have bought from their stores. Another facility it gives is the toll-free customer service line which helps you with any problems regarding your purchase. 

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Drawbacks of the Card

One major drawback of the Old Navy credit card is that you can redeem the rewards you have earned only at Old Navy and Gap Inc. outlets. Customers who are ardent shoppers of Old Navy be happy and satisfied with this policy. But those who want to use their retail store credit cards at different stores and outlets other than Old Navy and Gap do not have that option and make the use of their cards limited to only one brand.


The question arises after learning about the facts and information the Old Navy card has to offer is whether this credit card is actually worth getting or not. The card, like all other store credit cards, has its unique characteristics. It offers exciting welcome and introductory rewards and cashback for new cardholders. On the other hand, gives you a heads up on upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

So to come to the question, Old Navy credit card is best for those who love to shop at Old Navy and Gap Inc. and is not bother with sticking to limited brands. But those who want to explore other brands and shop from other retailers apart from these two are not advise to take this credit card. Because Old Credit Card allows you to redeem your rewards. Giving you cashback only products purchased from Old Navy outlets. This drawback of the card is the only thing which makes you think twice about getting it. Other than that it is a great credit card to make purchases with and earn rewards. 

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