JCPenny Credit Card | Things to Know Before Getting It

J.C. Penny Corporation is an American Departmental Store which functions all over the United States and Puerto Rico in about 850 locations. It was initially founded by James Cash Penny in April of 1902. It has a tie-up with many leading stores like Sephora, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and many more renowned store chains. The firm also started issuing its Credit Cards by 1984. These are named as JCPenny Credit Card.

These are only accepted at JCPenny and Sephora stores. But take caution while using them as they don’t stand valid at Sephora stores that are independent of the JCPenny. There used to be MasterCards issued that you could qualify for the same, but this service was discontinued some time ago.

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Must Know About JCPenny Credit Card

JCPenny Credit Cards are only valid at the chosen store outlets.

First Day Discounts

If you apply for the JCPenny Credit Card and get instantly approved, you can also use the card on the same day. You get flat 20% off on the purchase of clothing, shoes, and other jewelry. You can even get a discount of %5 on massive kinds of stuff like significant appliances, expensive wedding jewelry. This is a pretty decent reward for your spent money. The applicants who didn’t get instant approval will get a $10 discount coupon when approved later.

Reward and Offers

Every time you make use of the JCPenny Credit Cards, you get additional bonus points. For instance, you get 1point corresponding to every dollar you pay through the JCPenny Credit Card. If you shop with a different payment method, don’t worry as you still get 1 point for $2 spent in the store. Further, when you reach the milestone of 200 points, a bonus of $5 is provides to you for the next purchase at JCPenny.

Many other subsequent offers also prevail throughout the year. Cardholders even get a special birthday offer, but for that, you need to have your birthdate registered on your account and must have used the JCPenny Credit Card at least one time in the last year.

Gold and Platinum Status

The frequent shoppers can also be eligible to get the Gold or Platinum status in their JCPenny Credit Card. When a user spends more than $500 in the span of 12 months, they get an upgrade to the JCPenny Gold Status. If you can make yourself to execute more than $1000 of purchase in a year, you get promotion in the JCPenny Platinum Status. The holders reaching higher statuses get supplementary offers and rewards, which also includes exclusive discount coupons and other privileges.

Bonus Bucks Program

JCPenny even provides a special program for shoppers. There are certain periods as the Bonus Bucks time. If you go and spend $50 at JCPenny during these hours, you get a reward certificate of $10. On the good note, you can even combine them with other reward certificates. They could be paired up to $100 in merchandise, or you can get discounts on larger purchases.

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Fees and High-Interest Rate

The JCPenny Credit Card is issued by the Synchrony Bank and can be applied for through online portals. It has a high-interest rate of 27.99%. This card is only for the users who could make sure that they can pay off their monthly bills without fail. If you failed to pay off your debts on time, the great interest rate would eat up all your rewards and probably even more than that. JCPenny Credit Card also charges you a late fee up to $38.

Low Credit Score

On the flip side of it, as this is a store Credit Card and is issues by Synchrony Bank, who tends to have losers standard for who can get approval. Many times store Credit cards like this will accept people that have their Credit Score further down. If you are someone that maybe doesn’t qualify for a better store credit card, this could be an alternative to get yourself a one. It also gives you a chance to build credits as long as you are regular in paying off monthly bills.


Many of you must be thinking that is it worth it to have a JCPenny Credit Card for regular customers. Of course! 5% rewards for someone who often goes to JCPenny stores is not that bad of a deal. Use those rewards for further purchases.

For non-regular customers, it’s not that of a beneficial deal. The rewards certificates that you’ll receive will force you to revisit the store to utilize them. Instead, go for other standard cards with higher cashback offers on departmental store purchases. That would be much more convenient than to use JCPenny Credit Card.


Overall its a pretty standard store Credit Card, decent rewards for a frequent shopper, and for people with not so good Credit score. It would prove to be advantageous if you pay off your debts on time. Otherwise, the huge interest rate would definitely be too much to be paid off. Non-regular customers might be reluctant to take JCPenny Credit Card, but its a great chance to be one of the regular customers of this mega-market.

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