Home Depot Credit Card | Top 10 Points to Remember

Home Depot Inc. is a home improvement retailer and is the largest one in the United States with its headquarters in Atlanta. It provides products like supplying tools, construction materials, house repairing products, and services. Customers here can even get services for repairing from the store itself.

Like many other stores, Home Depot too provides its customers with their own Home Depot Credit Card which can be in use to purchase their products from any Home Depot outlet in the US. 

Things about the Home Depot Credit Card that You Must Know

The following list provides you a precise idea on how to apply for this card and other things which you should know about this card.

Applying for a Home Depot Card Online:

Home Depot has the benefit of applying for its card online. This helps you to skip the work of going to the home depot outlet and apply for it at home. To apply online for your Home Depot Credit Card follow these steps:

  • Open Home Depot’s online credit center and navigate go to Home Depot consumer credit card offer.
  • Click on Apply Now.
  • Fill up the online application with the required credentials.
  • Check the form and click on Agree.
  • Submit the application.
  • Once it gets confirmed, you will get an online confirmation about your credit limit. 
  • On showing this confirmation letter to your nearest home depot, you will get your temporary card and also a coupon of 25 dollars to use at their outlets.

Age Limit to Get a Home Depot Credit Card:

Home Depot has a strict rule of giving out their credits cards to customers who are eligible on the basis of their age requirement criteria. Only those who are 18 years and above can apply for the card.

If the customer’s age is under 21 years, they must have proof of their independent income or have a co-signer. 

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The Residency Requirement for a Home Depot Credit Cardholder:

Any customer willing to apply for the Home Depot Card should be a resident of the United States of America. Their address should fall under the location of the USA’s 50 states or Washington DC. 

Credit Score Requirement:

Any customer willing to own a Home Depot Credit card should have a minimum of 640 credit score. Failing to have this will slim the chances of getting the card. This 640 and above credit score requirement policy of Home Depot is consistent, and you can use them only at Home Depot outlets.

The Facility of Deferred Interest:

The Home Depot Credit Card assists customers to finance big projects at a time. This means that they offer a deferred interest on purchases that are $299 or more for six months. But at the same time, if you miss to pay off the complete balance within six months of purchase, you will be held for increasing interest in the sum of money from the day of purchase.

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Credit Card Balance:

Though the Home Depot Credit Card offers a benefit of deferred interest, it is advisable to have a credit balance. This is because many store-brand credit cards’ ongoing interest rates can be high at times. The current APR varies from 17.99% to 26.99%.

Discounts Offered to New Cardholders:

Those who have newly applied for the Home Depot Credit Card has a facility of enjoying discounts on receiving their cards. If you buy something up to a sum of 999 dollars you will get a discount of 25 dollars, and a 100 dollar discount if you purchase for 1000 dollars or more. Again for a purchase of 299 dollars and more you will get the option of opting for a deferred interest. 

Longer Return Period

Those who frequently shop at Home Depot and have a Home Depot Credit Card has the benefit of easy and quick returns. Many other stores do not have the facility of returning any item once purchased, but the Home Depot Cardholders can quickly return or replace an item they have bought with their store credit cards without any trouble. This facility is very handy as a lot of customers purchase products in vast quantities, and they might have to return them if those are not required or is just extra. Therefore having a return policy helps them to resolve such regrets. 

Exclusive Offers for Cardholders:

Home Depot Credit Cardholders also are given many exclusive offers on purchasing with their store cards. They get 10% or sometimes more, discount on selected brands or for limited time periods. They also get discounts and offers during any store promotions or product promotions.

Separate Card for Bigger Projects:

Home Depot has another card called the Home Depot Project Loan Card. This allows the cardholders to borrow or loan a sum of $55,000 for big projects at a low APR for up to seven years.

Customers who are willing to remodel their bathrooms or change their flooring or get their houses repaired are given the facility of owning this cad which in turn finances their expenditures. They do not have to appeal for other APR loans elsewhere, for example, Home Equity Loan, but can easily get this card to carry on with their project.


The Home Depot Credit Card hence has many such features which makes it easy for frequent buyers at Home Depot. The primary benefit of owning this card is having the ability to finance the purchases at the store itself. The card allows you to purchase small quantity materials as well as large quantities for remodeling or repairing purchases with ease. Home Depot Credit Cardholders also have the benefit of having periodic discounts and exclusive offers on promotional products. The only setback of this card is that unlike other store cards, this does not offer any cashback rewards.

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