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Gap Inc is an American attire retailer that has its access to customers around the globe. It was initially established by Donald Fisher and Doris F Fisher in 1969. It holds the title of the Biggest Speciality Retailer in the USA. The firm manages about 3700 stores across 40 plus countries and provides the shipping facility to more than 90 countries. It owns many famous clothing and appliances retailers like Banana republic, Gap Factory, Old Navy, and Athleta.They have their Gap Credit Card that allows you to take advantage of their rewards program within the territory of Gap Inc.

This is issued by the Synchrony Bank, which has high APR but gives easy access to users with a Low Credit Score. They don’t have high standards of approval. So if you are someone with not so high Credit Score and wished to have a store Credit Card, this would be a great chance to have one. You can quickly fill the application through their online webpage to get yourself considered for the card. 

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Gap Credit Card

Down below is everything you wanna know about the Gap Credit Card.

Elevated Rewards and Perks

The Gap Visa Credit Card will reward you for shopping, particularly at the Gap stores and its connected store chains. Like any other store credit cards, you get points for the purchases that you make through Gap Credit Card. The user receives a sum of 5 points for every dollar spent on buying the Gap merchandise. You also receive 1 point per dollar if you make use of the Gap Visa in the stores out of their frame. These points then, later on, can be exchanged to get reward certificates that can be used for future dealings with the store. Once you reach the limit of 500 points, you gain $5 in your account as a bonus.

The drawback of this reward system is that you can only exploit these bonuses on your future transactions with the Gap stores. They won’t stand valid for other stores. If you are someone who wants more flexibility, opting for other general store cards would be a better option.

Heavy Discounts

The Gap Credit Card will overwhelm you with their discounts and bonuses. For beginners, they offer a flat deduction of 20% and even free shipping to your location. This is only valid for your first official purchase at the Gap stores. If you didn’t make any purchases within the time window of 30 days, this offer doesn’t stand valid.

The Gap Credit Card also provides other time-limited offers throughout the year. You can enjoy 10% off whenever you buy stuff at the Gap and Gap Factory stores.

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Silver Status

If you are a regular a profound customer of the Gap merchandise and somehow manages to cross the mark of 5000 points, which means to spend over $1000 during purchases, along with paying off your debts on time, your Gap Credit Card will be promoted to Silver level. You now get some additional advantages like

  • Selecting your ideal Sale Day
  • A quarterly discount of 20%
  • Free shipping of products
  • Incomparable Silver Membership perks

High APR

The Gap Credit Card is not for someone who is lenient in paying off the monthly Credit Card bills as it is issued by the Synchrony bank, which has comparably huge interest rates than a traditional bank. The high APR of 28.24% is something that can’t get any ignorance if you have a pending balance sheet. Always make sure that you are able to pay off your debts by the end of each month if you want to enjoy the perks of Gap Credit Card.

If you have a great deal of purchase to be accomplished, you may be in the right spot as they offer a 0% introductory APR on bargains. Otherwise, this would end up consuming all your reward certificates along with extra cash on your Credit Card.

Major Pros and Cons

This card has a special place in the user’s wallets as it provides ZERO over-limit charges, turned installment cost, and no additional APR fines. Moreover, the users get many other perks like exclusive birthday gifts, free online shopping, random offers, and a lot more.

But on the other side of this, it charges you high foreign exchange rates of about 3%, late payment fee of $39, and also don’t forget to mention abut the high Rate of Interest is 28.24%. Gap Credit Card is not an absolute deal for non-regular customers. They will get some extra perks in the beginning, but they might end up getting themselves in a trap of the loop of debts and high APR’s.


Taking all the significant details and cases into consideration. The card is highly effective for the person who is a passionate client of the Gap merchandise. Moreover, making frequent buys through the Gap Credit Card will enable you to reach the silver level. This would be an excellent chance for making the best use of your favorite Credit Card.

But if you are looking for a manageable credit card that can provide you the ease to use them as per your comfort, the Gap Credit Card might be a critical choice for you. There are many other cards available in the market with low APR, suitable rewards, and offer cashback instead of the reward certificates. 

Conclusively, make a complete analysis of your shopping pattern before applying for the Gap Credit Card.

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