How To Choose A Credit Card [Latest 2019]

Everyone remembers the feeling of their large wallets inside their back pockets. Even carrying a significant amount of cash in your wallet wasn’t considered to be safe. The time when we used to make our purchases through money is a long go. Today is the era of digital transactions and money transfer. The most convenient and safe way is the Credit Card. The main work is how to choose a Credit Card from a wide variety. 

How To Choose A Credit Card

A Credit Card offers a world of benefits, and choosing the right card can make your financial life so much simpler. They not only provide the ease to go cashless but also provides rewards and cashback. Now the question arises that which Credit Card one should operate. Many firms offer various kinds of Credit Cards that have their benefits. Users must consider some points that would assist them in how to choose a credit card for their transactions.

Spending Habits

Firstly, it depends on the spending habits of the user. Everyone has a different way of spending their credit limit. Being a regular traveler, opting for a Credit Card that has a tie-up with some airline corporation would be a great deal. It will provide you many benefits during your travelings like free mezzanine access, priority boarding access and much more. How to choose a credit card a brief guide.

If you tend to have parties outside and socialize frequently, a Credit Card that provides more significant offers and privileges on dinings could come into play. Always how to choose a credit card that suits your tastes and interests and also offers you the maximum rewards and benefits for the kind of activities you indulge in daily. 

Interest Rates

Every bank has a different set of methodologies to calculate finance charges. These charges are not like the ones you pay on loans. It doesn’t depend upon your credit score or any other factor. Every Credit Card provider has its charge rates, and these are equally apply for all the holders.

You must consider the interest rates before choosing your ideal Credit Card. Opting for the bank which has fewer finance charges would be beneficial. Moreover, there are no charges if you are paying off your Credit Card Bills timely.


APR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate. It’s a way of taking a fee that’s connected with a loan and converting it into the interest rate. Every time you borrow a loan, there is an interest rate, and then there is some fee for the loan that you’re paying. APR is always a bit higher than the standard interest rate as it includes the extra charger that occurred during the procedure. It’s not only important to note the interest you are paying, but also what the APR is. Because many loan is lend to people, and it might have a lower interest rate up front, but the APR will bw alot higher, meaning there are a lot of extra fees that you may not have understood involved in the loan. This helps you to compare what consistently seemed like apples and oranges.

Offers and Reward Points

Various offers and reward points are given by Credit Card providers to promote usage by their holders. If you are unable to choose between Credit Cards, you can select by comparing their reward pattern. Different banks even provide the facility of cashback on the transactions that we make.

This is an excellent way of saving while spending your cash by Credit card. The main work is how to choose a Credit Card from a wide variety.  Even banks offer unique long term benefits that could be used if we continuously make use of the Credit Card.

Credit Limit

 The maximum amount is the credit limit that a bank allows you to pay through your Credit card. All the Credit Cardholders must make their expenses confined to this particular limit. These limits are determined based on the piece of information provided by the users before signing for the Credit Card application.

Banks consider the borrower’s annual income, credit score, and repayment history. The credit limit of a holder may vary according to his dealings with the firm. If your transactions are enormous, you can also opt for Credit Cards with the more substantial Credit Limit. This decreases the chances when you exceed your limit unintentionally. Otherwise, for regular users, less Credit Limit cards are also available. 

Fees and Penalties

Getting your personalized and how to choose a Credit Card might feel like an achievement, but it comes with much responsibility. You will have to pay some penalty amount if you violate the rules and regulations of the firm. This includes situations like crossing your credit limit, foreign exchanges, or having your credit payment bounce by the bank. These conditions will result in extra charges that you have to pay from your pockets. Even failing to pay the Monthly Credit Bill can lead to short term penalties.

It is always recommended to check the terms before applying for the Credit Card. Moreover, the lack of care should be avoided to safeguard yourself. Always make your due payments on time, stay below your annual credit limit, and also keep a sufficient amount of monetary funds in your account to cover your payments. Always search for banks that charge decently for the same. 


At last but not least, How to choose a Credit Card will be beneficial until and unless you mess up with the guidelines provided by the service providers. Even owning more than one card is not a big issue. You must consider using them as per requirement and on the basis of assets they provide to you while shopping.

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