10 Best Travel Credit Cards to Ease Your Adventures!

Travel credit cards are similar to that of cashback credit cards, but in this case, you get rewards that help you to earn free travel with free hotel reservations or flight tickets and many other such travel facilities.

Best Travel Credit Cards are a convenient and safe way to keep your money when traveling to foreign cities as it helps you buy foreign currencies and use them in places with different currencies. 

A list of 10 such Best Travel Credit Cards is given below from which you can your preferred card for traveling.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card helps you pay for your travel, and you can do them by collecting Chase Ultimate Reward points. These points are easy to get, and they increase in value when redeemed through the Chase Sapphire Card. 

On completing the initial yearly spending limit, you will receive a sign-up bonus, and then you will be awarded 2 points on spending a dollar at any hotel booking or restaurant purchases.

Capital One Venture Cards

The Capital One Venture Card has a very simple travel cashback policy. You will get 2 miles on spending each dollar with your Venture card.

You will earn miles on any purchase irrespective of any category. 

Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card

The Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card is for those who prefer luxury hotels such as the Marriott hotels. This card gives you a complimentary night’s stay at one of their Marriott properties on your card’s yearly anniversary. Hence be the Best Travel Credit Cards. 

You can earn 6 points on spending each dollar at the Marriott properties and also get 2 points per dollar on any other purchases. Other perks include travel and assistance in case of emergencies, luggage delay insurance, accident coverage on travel tours, and many others.

Platinum Card 

The Platinum Card from the American Express card company gives you a package that includes premium travel benefits with lounge access and other luxury perks on international travels. 

You can earn 5 points on every dollar on booking flights and hotels with your Platinum travel card. This card grants you access to premium and luxury lounges with ease. Complimentary hotel status and upgrades on your flight seats are simpler with the Platinum Card. This card is the Best Travel Credit Cards for those travelers who love to travel and want to spend time at premium hotels. 

Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is another travel credit card that offers access to premium lounges and lets you earn rewards on travel and dining. The biggest perk is that you will get a 50% bonus value added to your points when you retrieve your points for travel through Chase’s portal.

Due to these benefits, you can travel in first-class flights by paying for an economy ticket on domestic flights. Hence this card is the Best Travel Credit Cards.

American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold Card doubles as a travel credit card as well as a cashback credit card when you purchase anything from any U.S. supermarket. This card offers gives you cashback or offers on purchases up to 25000 dollars per year from supermarkets and also restaurants worldwide. 

It gives you 4 points on each dollar at U.S. supermarkets and also restaurants from anywhere and also gives 1 point for a dollar on purchase of anything else. Therefore this card is useful for those who visit the supermarkets on a regular basis and in turn gives you benefits on your travel adventures. 

Blue Cash Preferred Card 

The Blue Cash Preferred Card from the American Express Company is a card built for road trips. This card gives you rewards cashback on all purchases you make on your road trip, and you can use them later for other purchases. Apart from this, you will get a 6% cashback on purchasing from U.S. supermarkets and 3% cashback on purchases at the gas stations.

With these benefits, it is easy for you to fund your next road trip easily.

Blue Cash Everyday Card 

The Blue Cash Everyday Card from the American Express company has a low minimum spend requirement, thus helping you earn rewards without much hassle. With this travel credit card, you do not have to make big purchases to get rewards. You will be getting cashback rewards with everyday expenditures and Best Travel Credit Cards.

A 3% cashback is received off of 6000 dollars in grocery purchases annually, and a 2% cashback at gas stations help you accumulate your reward points. This benefit helps you save money on your small or big trips without having to worry about large purchases.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card helps you redeem your cashback rewards and also has a secret benefit of transferring these rewards to your Chase premium credit card which gives you a higher value. 

This card comes in handy when you have a tight budget for your trip. It makes booking flight tickets, hotels, and other travel experiences easier.

Hilton Honors Aspire Card

The Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express does not have any annual fixed spending criteria which give the cardholder access to purchase anything for any amount of money. 

Other benefits include getting a free hotel room for a night on your card’s anniversary year and also when you spend 60000 dollars on purchases from your Hilton card in a year. This card also offers access to worldwide premium lounges and gives you credit on hotel bookings and airline ticket purchases as well.


Each travel credit card has its own characteristics and perks, which makes it easier for consumers to choose what type of facility they want for their traveling purposes. Travel credit cards have their own benefits, thus changing our traveling experience and lifestyle. Some cards offer access to luxury lounges whereas some give you free hotel rooms. These cards give you reward points on your day to day purchases which you can use later for your travel, thus balancing your budget and also gives you the experience of world-class facilities and much more. 

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