List of 7 Best Credit Cards For No Credit In 2019

Search for the best credit cards for no credit gets really difficult. But there are options for people who do not have borrowing experience and is entirely new in this field.
This makes spending safer and more controlled. The best credit cards for no credit helps to save money in the long run and also give rewards in return.

Best credit cards for no credit

Here is the list of the best credit cards for no credit in 2019:

Capital One QuicksilverOne

Purchasing from this card gives a cashback of 1.5%. This is one of the best credit cards for no credit, and it increases the card amount only if the amount borrowed is paid timely for the first five months. It also offers an extended warranty to the items you purchase from this card and even to auto rental insurance, and travel accident insurance.

The APR is 26.96%, and the annual fee is $39. There is no foreign purchase transaction fee, and the balance transfer fee is also not there. It is the best credit card for cash rewards.

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Capital One Platinum

The card offers maximum benefits to the cardholder. People who are new in this credit world and even have no credit history, this card approves those customers. Just having an income will do. Full payment for each month is a need; otherwise, one will have to pay interest. This card does not offer any bonus or rewards to its members.

The APR is 26.96%. There is no annual fee and foreign purchase transaction fee, the cash advance fee is 3%. Capital One Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for no credit in 2019 for those who do not like to pay an annual fee.

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OpenSky Secured Visa

Any credit is approved on this card. It means when you apply, it doesn’t pull any credit. The security deposit to be paid varies from $200 to $3000 and can be paid by Visa or MasterCard debit card. This is an advantage because many secured credit card issuers do not allow the option to be paid by debit card but require a bank account to be used. If the request is approves, then the credit limit will accept, and one may have to pay an additional fee.

One cannot change this card to an unsecured credit card, and closing the account will only return the amount within four to six weeks. Your credit history will be notified to the three major credit bureaus. The APR is 19.64%. The annual fee is $35. The foreign purchase transaction fee is 3%, and there is no balance transfer fee .It is the best credit card for no credit check.

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Discover Secured Credit Card

It is the only secured credit card that offers rewards when the card is used for purchase. At restaurants and gas stations, a cashback of 2% is given which extends up to $1000. For all other purchases made the cashback is 1%. Your rewards can redeem at any time at With an amount of $200, you can make a minimum security deposit. Once the account of the cardholder is secures, it offers free access to the FICO score and monitors your Social Security number. If any fraudulent activities are made, the cardholder is made aware and alert of it. If your card limit is not high enough, then the balance transferred is low.

Best credit cards for no credit in 2019 mentions this card as one of the best for a secured cashback. The APR is 24.99%, the balance transfer fee is 3%, the cash advance fee is 5%. No annual fee and the foreign purchase transaction fee. No signup bonus.

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Discover It Student Cash Back

The card offers a 5% cashback on the categories of items that are purchased every quarter and a cashback of 1% on all other categories. For this 5% cashback, signup is mandatory by the cardholder. To have access to the bonus, in the long run, you can enroll before the onset of the quarter. Keep your card active and in a good position. If the GPA remains at 3.0 or higher, then you can get a cashback bonus of $20 annually for the next five years. This card is only for students. So make sure you are a student before you enroll for it. This does not allow to have a co-signer, so people below 21 are not eligible for this card.

The APR varies from 14.99% to 23.99%. The balance transfer fee and the cash advance fee is 3% and 5% respectively. No foreign purchase transaction fee is require. It is one of the best credit cards with no credit in 2019 and is best suitable for students who are looking for cash rewards.

Visit Here: Discover it® Student Cash Back

DCU Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card

This secured card offers a much lower interest rate than other cards. It provides many bonuses offers such as free auto rental collision damage repair, optional overdraft protection, free travel insurance coverage and also gives an extended warranty on maximum purchases. The cardholder requires to be a member of the credit union before applying for this card.

The APR is 13.75%. It requires no advance cash fee, no annual fee as well as no foreign purchase transaction fee, no signup bonus is offer. This card suits best for those who are looking for no fees credit card with no credit in 2019.

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Deserve EDU MasterCard For Students

This card offers a social security number. The cardholder needs to show proof of a US bank account balance, passport ID, student visa, and 1-20 Form. These documents require approval, the cardholder will get a cashback of 1% on all purchases using the card. The credit limit for students is up to $5000.

The APR is 20.74%. There is no annual fee, balance transfer fee, cash advance fee, and the foreign purchase transaction . Out of all the credit cards for no credit in 2019, it is the best for immigrants and permanent residents.

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The list of these 7 Best credit cards for no credit in 2019 is very informative and helpful. Choosing anyone out of these will be worthwhile and beneficial.

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