Banana Republic Credit Card | Top Things to Remember

The Banana Republic is an American accessories and garments retailer store that is held by the Gap Incorporation. It was initially established by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in 1978. But later, in 1983, it was acquired by the Gap. They ultimately amended the stores to obtain a more renowned image in the retail market. The company conducts about 500 outlets in the United States. They even have their branches spread over to Canada, Puerto Rico, and even in Asia and the Middle East. Their main aim is to bring up the up-to-date garments with a vintage touch in it. The most important feature of Banana Republic is their Credit Card and an unparalleled rewards catalog.

We need to have an outline of its structure to make most of these offers.

Getting Started

If you want to get yourself a Banana Republic Credit Card, Synchrony bank would be the best place to get it issued. It is a bank that issues many other retail store Credit Cards. You can apply for these at the official webpage of Banana Republic through an online application. The best part is that someone, even with a Low Credit Score, can quickly get registered for the Credit Card. This is a pretty easy for any new cardholder. The standards in terms of who will be accepted for approval for this card are often lower than bank Credit Cards.

When you register for Banana Republic Credit Card, firstly, you are going to be analyze for their Visa. For instance, if your Credit Score is not good enough, you could quickly end up getting their Store Credit Card. The Visa can also be used in the outlets not linked with the Gap, whereas the Store Credit Card should only fit the purchases made under the Gap family of stores.

Bonuses and Rewards

The Banana Republic Credit Card provides you with various rewards vouchers on your buying. For every dollar spent through the Credit Card, a user gets 5 points. If we have the Visa facility and we use it in external stores, 1 point gets credit for every dollar we pay. Further, these points accumulate, and once the 500 points mark crosses, we get an additional $5 bonus reward certificate. This essentially means that you spend $100 within the Gap store chain and get a $5 reward, which can be further used for purchasing more Gap products.

The downside of these reward certificates is that they expire quickly. For instance, if you get these rewards too often, you would only have at the most six weeks to use it. Online transactions can also be consideration while using your Banana Republic Credit Card and the reward certificates.

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Privileges and Benefits

When you make an appeal for the Banana Republic Credit Card, and you get instant approval, you get a welcome discount coupon of 20% on your premier shopping on the same day. This is a great offer for any new member on their first purchase.

Cardholders also earn a ‘Birthday Reward’ if they have used their Banana Republic Credit Card in the past 365 days and had a nice image during their period of stay.

Moreover, they also conduct special events for offering discounts to their regular customers. Even providing your e-mail address gives you a chance to get up to a $5 reward certificate. This is a considerable amount which you receive on just letting the firm to send you e-mails consisting of rewards that you can avail.

Upgrading your Credit Card

If you are successful in earning more than 5000 points within 12 months, along with no due bills and a good reputation, you have a consideration for the Banana Republic Luxe Card. This card increases your rewards as now you get 6% rewards on your purchases instead of the 5% in starting. In addition to that, there are some extra advantages like 20% bonus points after every three months. Free transportation over the Gap family brands are also provided. You also get the facility to chose your Sale Day.

Interest Rates

This is a sort of Credit Card that helps you to earn perks while spending your money. But it also comes with a whopping APR of about 28.24%, which is about 10% higher than the standard Credit Card interest rates. That’s why you need to be careful while spending your credit limit.

You must make sure that you would be comfortable in paying off your debts before the due date. Otherwise, these debts will consume all your rewards along with extra penalties that you will have to pay. A late fee of $39 is also applicable when the due payment is not complete within the time window.


Overall, Banana Republic Credit Card is a magnificent way of profits if you are a regular shopper at the Banana Republic or its chains. This would also help you to reach the Luxe level to get additional benefits on the purchases. If you have a bunch of other Credit Cards, then applying for the Banana Republic Credit Card won’t be a good choice. If you do not get acceptation for Visa, go for the store card that solely allows you to make the transaction within the Gap stores, whereas some other cards will give you the flexibility to adapt them as per your requirement and still earn great rewards.

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